Milk Coolers Cap: 300 ltr to 5000 ltr

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HCHADHA Bulk Milk Coolers can be utilized for bringing down the temperature of milk from 35°C to 4°C within only 3 hours. These are triple jacketed, insulated tanks which are linked with an air condensing system. Once the milk reaches 4°C, it will rise to only 7°C even after 12 hours of being stored, hence increasing the shelf life of the milk considerably. HCHADHA Bulk Milk Coolers come with direct expansion plates covering almost 1/3rd of the internal surface area of the tanks. Hygiene being the primary focus, the internal edges are rounded in order to avoid deposition at the edges.


Types and capacities
Tank Type Capacities
Vertical Cylindrical Tank 300 litres, 500 litres
Horizontal Semi Cylindrical Tank 1000 litres, 2000 litres
Horizontal Cylindrical Tank 1000 litres, 2000 litres, 3000 litres, 5000 litres