Ultrasonic Stirrers

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Ultrasonic Stirrers are an integral part of any milk collection unit. These are used for removing air bubbles from milk samples before they are tested using a milk analyser to get more accurate results from the analyser so that neither the buyer of the milk nor the producer is wronged.
Our Ultrasonic Stirrer is the only Ultrasonic Stirrer in India that make the use of a purely digital motherboard that keeps frequency and time digitally, hence providing an unparalleled performance.


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Food grade materials used for all contact parts.
Fully digital operation as well as circuit
Long continuous operation without any heating for zero delay in collection.
Extremely low power consumption because of completely digital PCB.
Simple Plug and Play installation.
Light weight and portable design suitable for use both at collection centres as well as collection vehicles (Motorcycle, trucks, etc).
Feedback based rod frequency correction.
Available in models that run on 12 VDC via adaptor or 220 VAC via transformer.

Technical Specifications

Machine Dimensions: Height 23.5 cm X Width 12.5 cm X Length 16 cm
Machine weight: 1.90 KG only
Operating Voltage: 220 VAC/12 VDC
Operating Load: 0.5 Amp
Peak Load: 1.2 Amp
Housing: Rugged mild steel (With non-corrosive treatment and powder coating)
Vibration Rod: SS 430 (Food Grade)


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