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Dairy Muneem Connect is NETCO’s rugged use data processor that is highly utilised by big dairies for milk collection. Our data processor is known for the ease of use and longevity of product life. This data processor is perfect for use in villages due to its rugged construction, ease of use and low power consumption. These also come with an in-built modem for real-time exchange of data between the device and the central server.

  • Easy flowing user interface with mostly single button actions.
  • Hold up to 3 rate charts at a time with auto switching between them.
  • Robust design perfect for rugged use in the villages.
  • Memory that can hold the history of 9999 members for 1 year.
  • Can calculate and generate FAT-SNF, FAT-only and FAT-CLR rate charts internally.
  • Comes with a windows-based rate chart generator.
  • Unlimited transactional memory.
  • Can be connected to the central server using an in-built modem to transfer collection data in real time that can be viewed anywhere, anytime on .
  • In-built modem can be used to transfer the rate chart and producer lists to the data processor by only uploading the same to .
  • USB port can be used to import the rate charts and producer list in “Comma Separated Value (.csv)” format to the data processor directly.
  • USB port can be used to export the collection data to a computer.
  • Can generate the following reports:
    Collection History
    Daily Report
    Weekly Report
    Member-wise collection history
    Member Ledger
    Member List

Technical Specifications

Display 192*64 Backlit TFT Display
I/O Ports
RS-232 3 Milk Analyser+Remote Display, Weighing Scale and Printer
USB Port 1 For transfer of Rate Chart, Producer List and Collection Data
Parallel Port 2 For Parallel Printer Only
Real Time Clock Integrated with inbuilt battery
Keypad 5*4 Matrix Flexible Keypad
Power Lead (1.5 m) 1
RS-232 cable for Electronic Weighing Scale 1
RS-232 cable for Milk Analyser+Remote Display 1
In-Built Printer Optional
In-Built Modem Optional
Internal Battery
In-Built Weighing Scale Optional
Manufacturer Warranty 12 Months


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