Dairy Muneem Android

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This is a high technology Data Processor introduced by Netco. This data processor consists of a communication hub that is connected to your milk analyser and weighing scale. This data gets wirelessly pushed to the customer’s handheld android device where the data is collected and processed to provide the producer with the right pay for their product.

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Consists of a serial hub for connecting the following:
Milk Analyser (Using RS-232)
Weighing Scale (Using RS-232)
Serial Printer (Using RS-232)
Keyboard (Using PS2)
Android Device (Using Bluetooth)
Consists of an Android Application with the following features:
Automatic Bluetooth connection with the serial hub.
Ergonomic UI for effortless data connection.
Can calculate and generate FAT-SNF, FAT-only and FAT-CLR rate charts internally.
Comes with a windows-based rate chart generator.
Unlimited transactional memory.
Using the android device’s GPRS it can be connected to the central server using an in-built modem to transfer collection data in real time that can be viewed anywhere, anytime on www.true-milk.com .
Android device’s GPRS can be used to transfer the rate chart and producer lists to the data processor by only uploading the same to www.true-milk.com .
Can generate the following reports:
Collection History
Daily Report
Weekly Report
Member-wise collection history
Member Ledger
Member List


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