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Company Profile

Our Company

New Dairy Engineering and Trading Company PVT LTD (NETCO) has been established as a dairy technology firm with its headquarters in New Delhi. General business activities include manufacturing, retailing and trading of dairy equipment. We currently specialise in milk testing and collection equipment, milk processing equipment and milk storage equipment

Our Technology

Our primary focus is to provide specialised engineering solutions to the dairy industry that are of good quality, at a good price and with exceptional after sales service.
NETCO is currently dealing in the manufacture, retail, sales and services of dairy equipment for serving operations of the dairy industry such as, milk testing, milk collection, milk processing, milk storage and milking equipment.

Our Product Diversity

Milk Collection

NETCO is a pioneer in milk collection technologies and has supplied equipment throughout India. Ultrasonic and light dispersal technologies for milk analysis were first introduced in India by NETCO. We have our own brand of milk analysers by the name of “LactoPlus+” which is a superior milk analyser.

Milk Vending & Storage

NETCO has an in-house fabrication facility for the manufacture of milk storage and milk vending equipment. Our Bulk Milk Coolers and Insulated Milk Tanks have been recognised as among the most rugged and well-finished by industry experts. Not deviating our focus from quality, we only use premium “SS-304” sheets.

Milk Processing

NETCO has been in the milk processing industry since 1982 with cream separators being our first product ever that led to the inception of the company. Since then, NETCO’s cream separators being sold under the trademark “HCHADHA” are among the best quality products in India. NETCO is also considered to be among the first mass producers of milk processing equipment. Other milk processing equipment include Butter Churners and Khoa Machines.

Milking Machines

NETCO adorns a staff of highly technical and like-minded engineers and designers, with the help of whom NETCO has been able to develop high performance milking machines at an extremely low price. We wish to provide our farmers with such engineering marvels in all fields of the dairy industry.

Milk Testing Equipment

Other than our “LactoPlus+” milk analysers, NETCO also produces “HCHADHA” centrifugal machines for the traditional farmer.

Our Mission

NETCO provides high technology, high quality, low cost equipment to the dairy industry with its deep focus on the quality of products and after sales services.

Our Vision

To bring quality equipment and knowledge to dairy farmers in developing nations to increase quantity and quality of their produce and facilitate them in sustaining the same.